Bring Me The Horizon – Metaltown 2011 – Part 1

Buy prints and more images can be found here – I will post more stuff in high res later

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New Project: Scenes in motion (kinda)

I like street photography, but i’m going to put a personal twist to it. I commute to work every day and usually bring a camera. The following images will be the first photos from this eternal project.

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Spring time in Sweden, finally

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Bring Me The Horizon – Trädgårn, 2011-01-31

Here’s some of the photos from last night. There might be more, Enjoy.

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Canon EF 100mm f2 – First try

The title says it all. Pretty psyched about this lens, especially on since i ordered a Canon 550D (Ti2) as a backup backup. This will be 160mm f2. Crowd photography.

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