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Parkway Drive @ Brew House

Last night we had a visit from Australia’s finest, Parkway Drive. The show was good, the photography was not so good. Too many strobes and a massive amount of smoke kinda killed it. But i enjoyed it none the less. This is what i got, hope you enjoy it anyways. And a big Thanks to […]

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Groezrock 2010

After a 14 hour drive from Sweden we arrived in Belgium. We parked at the dustiest parking lot in the history of mankind. Chilled for a few hours before entering the festival area. The place already smelled like a combination of food, poop and sweat. We know what we had coming. Other than that the […]

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New Bring Me The Horizon Myspace Design

Well how about that. One of my photos has been incorporated into UK’s Bring Me The Horizons new Myspace design. Check it out @ Neato! Im heading to Groezrock tomorrow. Ill be seeing you there or when i get home on Sunday.

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Forever Young

Seems i always end up photographing these guys at the worst time of day. Out of batteries as well. I would have wanted daylight, maybe some sun. Anyways. Check out Forever Young.

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Law & Order Fest – Retaliate

We flew them here from California. Oxnards pride, Retaliate.      

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